Dermaplaning is a very effective, painless exfoliation treatment producing instant results with no downtime.

With the help of a sterile surgical scalpel, dead, dull skin cells are gently skimmed off the skin and ‘peach fuzz’ facial hair is removed. It can remove 2-3 weeks worth of skin layers in one session to reveal a bright, fresh complexion underneath.

It is not meant for terminal (coarse) hair but it can be used for a variety of facial optimisation purposes.

Dermaplaning has the effect of:

  • brightening the complexion

  • reducing the blockage of pores

  • allowing for deeper penetration of skincare products

  • smoothing skin for improved makeup application


Professional dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types including mature skin, which often has a build-up of dead skin cells since cellular turnover tends to slow down as you age.